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Wet, Watery Weekend

July 30, 2007

Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

This past weekend Tim’s employer treated us to a weekend at Wisconsin Dells, including a day trip to Noah’s Ark water-park. I didn’t get into the water at Noah’s Ark, since it was a bit cold for Gabe’s taste, and he’d cry and cry whenever we tried to get him wet. Instead I sent Tim and Daniel to the Big Kahuna wave pool while I sat in the shade holding a sleeping Bug. It was kind of nice to run into one of my friends from college – she almost literally bumped into Tim in the wave pool, and came over to say hi!

Tim kept offering that I could get into the wave pool while he held Gabe, but that water was a little cold for me too – so maybe the Bug wasn’t so unreasonable!

Later Saturday afternoon we headed over to our hotel, and checked out all the cool water-parks there. I’m not sure if it was just that the wonderful sunshine had warmed the water, or if Wilderness Territory actually warmed their pools, but we were finally able to introduce Gabe to the joy of splashing and kicking! I even got to hold him for his evening snooze while floating along in the Endless River on a tube! Gabe may be a spoiled baby,… held in Mama’s arms while being rocked to sleep with the sound of waves gently lapping all around him.

Sunday we checked out one of the inside wave pools, and were able to sit in lounge chairs at the very edge, letting the waves splash over our feet. I had such a blast, and we were kind of sad when it was time to leave. I’m definitely looking forward to our next family vacation, because we’re sure to go back!

A quick note: I posted a picture on Flickr that has Timmy and Daniel hidden in it – kind of like those Where’s Waldo pictures. Can you find them?

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