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Coffee: The Nectar of the Mothers

August 23, 2007

When I was in college it was pretty easy to get my hands on a decent cup of coffee. I would just walk to the Starbucks on campus and get a fresh bagel and the biggest cup of regular coffee that I could,…. it was enough to get me through my morning classes. I’d usually get to campus around 7am, and since my first class was usually around 9 or 10, I’d get to sit at the computer, catching up on my emails and working on a paper or project while enjoying breakfast.

Because of the ready access to coffee, the coffeemaker we had at home wasn’t very special. Actually it had the annoying habit of losing a few cups of water while brewing, making my 10 cup pot of coffee a 6 cup pot of very icky espresso! Still, not a very big deal,… I’d just go to campus for coffee.

When I was pregnant I kicked my caffeine habit, and had a bagel and juice for breakfast on campus. If I needed the extra warmth (and with Wisconsin weather, that was fairly often) I’d just get decaffeinated coffee instead. Frankly, decaffeinated coffee is sludge that was barely changed by my sad little coffeemaker, so even when at home I could deal with my coffee situation.

Now that I’m the mother of a rather-rambunctious-almost-toddler, I find that I NEED coffee, especially on days like today when I’m operating on 5-ish hours of sleep and a nagging headache. I’ve upgraded my coffeemakers (yes, I now have two of them!) to a Senseo coffee pod system (think of it as coffee that’s almost as fast as Gabe is!) and a nice, grind and brew coffeemaker that grinds the beans just before brewing them (and on a timer, so I can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed goodness!).

The best part is that I got the Senseo coffee system free, but in exchange for checking it out and recommending it to other people should I like it. Since I absolutely like it – not enough to marry it, but enough to kiss it good morning – I’m recommending it. The coffee has that foam on the top that just lets you know it’s going to be worth drinking, and there’s no mess, no mistakes. Even in my sleep-deprived state I can make the perfect cup of coffee. The best part is that I always have a fresh cup of coffee, since I simply brew a new one if I want it! My only hesitation is the cost, since the pods are a bit more expensive than just buying beans, but still worth every penny.

Now that my product endorsement deal is completed, I’m going to bed! Good night,… erm,… morning to you!

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