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Aunt Lori Brings The Sun

August 27, 2007

Our general area of Wisconsin (the Southwest corner) has been absolutely bombarded with rain and thunderstorms and flooding for the past two weeks. Areas close to us have required emergency disaster relief. In our little (high elevation) area here, we’ve not had to worry about flooding, but the weather is still a nuisance causing our air conditioner to leak. We think there’s more liquid than it can handle in the air.

I know, when thinking about disaster relief, hearing about a silly little leaky air conditioner is rather anti-climactic, isn’t it?!

After considering the weather we’ve been having, when I tell you that my Uncle Andy and Aunt Lori came to visit and brought a sunshiny weekend with them, you’ll understand just how welcome two days of sunshine and clear skies really is! Aunt Lori had predicted beautiful weather for their visit, and we even joked about that in the kitchen at suppertime! But, after they left, and after the very dark and gloomy storm that swept through this morning, I’m thinking it wasn’t actually a joke. Aunt Lori brought the sun with her, and took it back when she left!

I really enjoyed getting to visit with both of them. I wanted to make them feel as special as they made me feel by coming, so I planned a very healthy but as yummy as I could think of meal. Tim, Gabe and I had stopped at the Platteville farmer’s market on Saturday morning and picked up tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, peppers and basil, so we ate fresh veggie-based dishes for supper (yummy!) and followed that with a chocolate mousse dessert. It was nice to share a meal, but most of all it was nice to just talk and see each other and catch up again:o)

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  1. Timmy permalink
    August 28, 2007 1:07 pm

    YEAH!!! Make her bring it back again 😉

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