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Cats really DO have 9 lives!

August 30, 2007

Back in January Tim and I came to the painful decision of letting our cats go to a new home. They were so set in their ways, they were so BIG, and they did NOT like being pushed aside for a new baby. A lady had contacted us about the cats and we were excited because she promised they’d be only and absolutely indoor cats only, and she wanted all three. And we let them go.

I should have known that my personal kitty, Baxter, would NEVER let that happen. When we rescued him as a shivering baby in the Walmart parking lot he latched on to me as his mother, and that’s never changed since. So when we got a call this week that Baxter had been found wandering in a nearby town, I shouldn’t have been nearly as surprised as I was.

Apparently some very nice people had noticed Baxter wandering around with other strays they were feeding, and since he had a collar and tag on, they coaxed him into their home. They said it only took a month. Our tag was still on his collar, so they called us. Right now I have my kitty in the bathroom, all skin and bones, but still absolutely and positively our lovey baby.

Part of me wants to hunt down the lady who took our cats and punch her in the face. How could she let Baxter run around like that? How could she lose him? How are the other two kitties doing?  But I don’t want to jump to conclusions,… Baxter always tried to sneak outside for glorious adventures, and he may have just gotten more than he ever wanted. Maybe she kept our collar on until she had a replacement, and just forgot. Maybe she doesn’t have my contact information, just like I lost hers.

Tim and I have decided that rushing to the rescue of a certain black and white furball twice is enough of a hint,… I guess Baxter and Gabe will just have to put up with each other for a very long time!

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