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Why I Didn’t Write a Post This Morning….

September 4, 2007

I was sitting at the computer this morning, all ready to dish about how our holiday weekend went when Gabe interfered with my plans. Lately he tends to get upset when I’m on the computer, probably because HE wants to be on it instead. This morning he was a bit more creative, however. He had been banging on my knee for a bit (easy for me to ignore,… he does it more often than you’d imagine) then he crawled across the living room, dumped out his pail of blocks, selected three of them and holding all three, crawled back to the desk. He handed me a block and started trying to stack them all together. It was so cute that I shut the computer down and built towers with Gabe until naptime!

You could say that Gabe already knows how to sucker me;o)

We did have a wonderful holiday weekend, with visits from “Uncle” Shaun and my Mom and Jim, plus a great deal of Heroes watching since season 1 is finally out on DVD. Actually, it was ironic how very little labor was involved during our Labor Day weekend,… and we liked it that way!

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