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Gabe’s Sticker Box

September 12, 2007

Last night I was thinking about some of the special things we can do to remind our loved ones we love them, and I remembered a tube of lipstick. You see, as a very young child I remember Mom getting out a special tube of lipstick so I could put it on and seal my letters to my Grandma with a kiss! Somehow it made the sealing of those letters a celebratory occasion, and it made me feel my inner “joybells” ring.

Since I doubt I can use the same exact tradition with Gabe (coral pink just doesn’t seem to be his color) I’ve been thinking of having a very special sticker chest on hand. My imagination is filled with images of Gabe picking out the perfect sticker for the person he’s thinking about, kissing it, and sealing his letters with a bit of love. Last night I shopped for Mrs. Grossman’s stickers, but I think I’m going to find a whole variety so he has a true treasure chest. And since I like stickers too, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest!

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