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Gabe’s SO Stubborn (it runs in the family)

September 13, 2007

Ever since Gabe’s been 6 months old, I’ve felt like I was not feeding him enough. I had all the parenting resources all saying the same thing – he needed to be eating solid foods, introduced slowly and steadily. Since I’ve been nothing if not a very dedicated Mama, I would try to get Gabe to eat the foods on the lists. We tried squash, sweet potatoes and carrots, rice cereal, green beans and peas. We were lucky if he ate more than a spoonful of anything consistently.

So we tried the “train’s a-coming,… open the tunnel” and “Bzzzzzzzzzz goes the airplane” tricks to get the little stubborn sweetheart to open his mouth. He’d giggle and laugh and we’d get the tip of the spoon in,… and then he learned, and refused to so much as crack a smile. Even after Gabe entered the “everything goes in my mouth” stage, he’d refuse to put HIS food in – his puffs hid under furniture right along with our pet dust bunnies! I had nightmares that somehow I was missing the most important list of all, you know, the one that tells you HOW to get your kid to eat the stuff on the lists!

I was afraid that Gabe would end up with scurvy or rickets or some strange-sounding disease that announced to the world that I was a parent who could NOT feed her child properly!

Then, without any warning, Gabe started to eat everything in the house, and I MEAN EVERYTHING!!! Puffs? He found all the old ones that the vacuum had missed, along with the dust bunnies, stray hairballs and bits of pebble and detritus from outside. He ate whole containers of baby food at once. He ate Ritz crackers and bits of cheese and wanted everything that Mama ate. He tucked away cut up (skinned and nitrate-free) hotdogs like a chipmunk. He discovered that Italian ice and ice cream are great treats. He realized that sippy cups exist for more than throwing and stopped being so dependent on his bottle – except for the bottle that he still considers irreplaceable when he’s cuddled up in our arms and ready for bed. It was nice to see Gabe not only enjoying the things I knew he needed, but to be so experimental.

I’m a bit worried, because yesterday and today Gabe has turned his nose up at anything but puffs and leftover Chinese. I sure hope this is just a phase and he’ll go back to his week-ago self, because how that he’s a toddler I have a whole new set of parenting resource lists to worry about!

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  1. Timmy permalink
    September 13, 2007 11:27 am

    see….he takes after his mom…nothing is better than chinesse food 😉

  2. September 13, 2007 11:30 am

    Lol, he takes after you too,…. did you see the title?!?

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