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Weekend Update: Organizing and Standing

September 17, 2007

For awhile now, I’ve had boxes and totes of scrapbooking paper, rubber stamps, stickers, and all the fun odds and ends that a crafter collects. Add to that a large tote filled with beads, wire, tools and a whole bunch of beading paraphernalia and you can see the mess I had on my hands. This weekend I finally got all that sorted, organized, and tucked away in plastic organizer/drawer thingies, and I want to do a little dance every time I see such pretty, pretty, organized according to type and category piles!

Other than that, we had a fairly low key weekend, watching Supernatural and Bones marathons and playing with Gabe. It was so nice to take it easy, while camping out in the living room and chowing down on fresh salsa from a local mexican restaurant. Gabe is standing up frequently now and he took his first unaccompanied step this weekend! I’m not sure I’m calling that his first “official” step, since he wasn’t even aware he was doing it,… he was standing against my leg and took a step forward to stand against the cupboard door. Somehow I’d like his first official step to be towards his Mama or Daddy,… rather than the cupboard he knows he’s not supposed to be in!

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  1. September 20, 2007 11:11 am

    arrggh! I need your organizing skills, would you be willing to come visit and straighten me out?

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