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For Carolyn

September 29, 2007

Last Fall
Originally uploaded by catmadogma.

When I had my first blog (lifes_Prototype, non-existent now) I stumbled across a newly created blog and commented, because the name, The Catma of Dogma, caught my fancy. It turns out that a grandma from Virginia named Carolyn was the author. When I say she was a wonderfully talented amateur photographer, I mean it, see?——->

We kept in touch, and started emailing back and forth, especially when Gabe was a newborn. Her life experiences were so different from mine and yet we had much in common. She was exploring Taoism and I was exploring my Christianity, so we would share our journeys, our different perspectives. She understood so many of my fears as a new mother, and she loved to hear about Gabe’s development. She would send Gabe virtual kisses and I would deliver them.

Over the summer I would read her blog (and know she was reading mine) but with Gabe and family and busy routines, we never did manage to connect. This morning I sat down and checked out her blog because she had not updated in a couple of weeks, and I was starting to worry. I checked out her Flickr page as well, and discovered there that she had passed away earlier in September.

Part of me feels weepy that I won’t get to see the world through her lens anymore, and that Gabe won’t get any more email kisses. It’s hard to quantify the loss of a friend that one has never met IRL.

I hope she’s found her Pooh.

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