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So. Tired.

October 18, 2007

Now that Gabe is toddling around, Tim and I finished child-proofing all those last minute things that we know Gabe is going to get into. I moved my wine rack out of the kitchen (since Gabe was more attracted to it than I was!) and Tim installed little plastic gizmos that lock cupboard doors shut. While we was at it, I cleaned out the cupboards and reorganized them, cleaned the bathroom, washed a whole bunch of Gabe’s toys, scrubbed the floors enough to let Gabe lick them (since he was determined to do just that anyway) and Tim and I moved furniture and vacuumed underneath them.  It’s like spring cleaning six months early (0r late, but early sounds so very much more on-top-of-everything-and-admirable-ish).

Gabe has his doctor’s appointment later today (this time I refuse to forget) so we’ll get him all checked out and weighed and measured, which will just confirm what my back already knows,… he is growing up. I’ll post details when we get back, and when Gabe actually lets me sit at the computer. In case you’re wondering, I’ve not updated in so long for that reason,… Gabe’s screaming is my anti-blog;o)

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