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What We Did This Weekend

October 29, 2007

In general I consider the weekend officially started Fridays at 5:00, since that’s when Tim is done with work. This time, however, the weekend didn’t start until about midnight, since Tim had to stay late and help with inventory. Gabe and I had a quiet evening,… he was out of sorts since his Daddy wasn’t around, so he cuddled on my lap while I participated in a discussion on the inerrency of the Bible in my Facebook CoExist group.

Saturday Tim WAS supposed to spend in the office continuing the inventory work, but they were really nice and told him that he should just stay home and rest up for his surgery this week. We didn’t have much in the way of plans, so Tim did exactly that!

Saturday evening Tim, Gabe and I went out to eat with Shaun, his sister Chantae and her husband Nathan, along with their baby Gage. I have seen many pictures of Gage, and knew to expect a little cutie, but he was even more adorable than I expected! Gage is a little over 9 months, and weighs more than Gabe, and he has the baby cheeks that you can’t help but want to kiss! Since Gage was born with a unique heart, he’s been in the hearts of so many people, and I’ve never seen a happier, healthier looking baby! (I find that after being a Mama myself, I’m much more baby-centric than I ever was before. Can you tell?)

It was quite nice to see/meet Chantae and Nathan too. I wish that we could have gotten a chance to visit and talk more, but the restaurant was loud and the babies got fussy. Actually, I was a bit of a silly person, since I wanted SO MUCH to talk and connect with Chantae, but my brain shut down and all I could do was smile. *sigh* She likes crafting and so many other things that I enjoy, and I really was looking forward to interacting with her in real life. Hopefully we can try that again sometime soon, and I’ll dazzle her with my awesome conversational skills!!! (Ha!)

Sunday involved a bit of clean up and baby toy organization, since Gabe had dumped his toys all over. It’s nice to see the carpeting again! Tim dug out my christmas music so I could sing along to Deck the Halls and O Holy Night, and we watched a (scary for me) R. L. Stein movie to get into the spirit of Halloween. (Nothing like a mish-mash of holidays to make me happy!) I love this time of year!

Tim passed on a message that I should try to update this blog more often – Hi Laura:o) – and I’m gonna try! Oh, and I do fully intend to update the results of Tim’s surgery here as soon as I can get to a computer (prolly late Thursday or early Friday, I’d guess).

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  1. Timmy permalink
    October 29, 2007 10:16 am

    And doing nothing for a weekend was wonderful…although with a week laid up in the future, i suppose doing nothing might get old 😉

  2. October 29, 2007 10:17 am

    Oh, didn’t you get the memo? I’ve got a whole Honey Do list for you all prepared,…. recovery is for wussies;)

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