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My Day in the Waiting Room

November 1, 2007

Tim, Gabe and I headed to the hospital this morning, and we sat together while Tim filled out the necessary stuff for admittance. The lady enjoyed talking to and making eyes at Gabe, but warned us that he wouldn’t be allowed in the surgery prep area since he was so little. I had planned on this, with puffs, books and toys to entertain an army of kids, but it still kind of sucked.

So, I sat in the waiting room. I tried so hard to be calm and cheerful, but somehow I think people could see through that, since I walked past the registration desk in the waiting room without seeing it in the slightest or walked through a door with the sign saying “USE OTHER DOOR PLEASE” on it, again, without noticing. Gabe seemed to actually enjoy himself, entertaining the other people waiting with his mad walking skills and liberal sharing of soggy puffs.

Not five minutes after we were situated in a private corner of the room, a little old lady named Phyllis sat next to us and talked away some of the time. She had worked as a housekeeper in that hospital for years, as had her husband (who was in for surgery). She talked about her brothers and sisters, her nieces and nephews, and how much she treasured them all since she couldn’t have children herself. She also talked about how much she loved her husband, and I could tell she was really worried for him,… she had tears hidden behind her eyes at times. I was sorry to lose her company when she was called into her conference with the surgeon.

Later on a nice lady and her son were in the hospital waiting for their husband/father’s surgery. I’m pretty sure he was having a quadruple bypass, but I didn’t want to ask, because she was so very nice and friendly, and I didn’t want to upset her by asking questions she didn’t maybe want to discuss with a stranger. Her son was so nice too, and made small talk with Gabe and me, which was much appreciated!

Twice a nurse was so very nice to us, and held Gabe so I could run back and visit quickly with Tim before his surgery. Gabe is a very adorable kid, but he is NOT okay with strangers, so they were being extra gracious to us. I can’t tell you how much that little kindness meant to me,… I just pink puffy heart those nurses!

Finally we had the long wait, which Gabe napped through. Tim’s surgery was estimated to last about an hour and a half, but it was getting closer to three hours by the time I heard back that he was okay. Let me tell you, alot of scary thoughts can pass through one’s mind in three short hours! By the time I was called into my consultation with the surgeon, Shaun had arrived, so I didn’t have to lug the diaper bag filled with diapers and snacks, the backpack filled with books and toys, the sweatshirts from the cold morning drive, and the baby by myself anymore.

That consultation room was scary! All it had in it were a couple of stuffed chairs, a small couch, and a table with a box of tissues on it,… which just seemed ominous to me. I didn’t want to have to need those tissues for any reason! Thankfully the meeting with the surgeon went well,… he wanted to keep Tim overnight for observation, but he was doing just fine, and we could go see him in a little bit.

Knowing that everything was fine, Shaun dragged me down to the cafeteria to eat something. Me, knowing how important it is to eat healthy, chose a piece of cherry cheesecake and a deviled egg. Don’t ask me about that combination,… I have no clue. I still think I was reeling in relief and kind of grabbed the things that were closest to me.

Afterwards, I was finally allowed to visit with Tim, who chose a single room so that Gabe could visit him. It was so alarming to see how very pale Tim was, but it was so nice to see his smile. Gabe only stayed for a few minutes, but since he had spent roughly six hours in the hospital, his melt-down at not being able to go by Daddy was reasonable. Shaun took him back home while I stayed with Tim and fed him jello and chicken broth, but I headed out myself soon after that so Tim could sleep and recover as much as possible.

There were a couple of moments that I almost lost my cool. At one point the nurse came into the waiting room to hand me Tim’s wedding ring, and I couldn’t quite keep myself from tearing up at the “wrongness” of that. At another point, Gabe called out “Da da da!” in the waiting room (looking around for Daddy) and that got to me. Right now as I’m writing this I’m crying,… I think some of those pent up tears just need to come out.

The important thing is that Tim is done with his surgery, and that he’s okay. I feel like I can breathe just a little bit deeper now:o)

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  1. November 2, 2007 6:10 am

    what a day! I’m so glad that tim’s surgery went off without a hitch. I hope his recovery at home (i.e. the whining) doesn’t last long. good luck and hugs 🙂

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