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Fussy Toddlers and IV’s Don’t Mix

November 2, 2007

Gabe and I headed out to visit Tim bright and early this morning, both of us looking forward to seeing “Da da da” and prepared to get him safely home. On the walk to Tim’s room, we met his doctor, who changed the plans a bit by deciding to keep Tim for awhile longer,… at least until this afternoon, he would decide if Tim should go home at his afternoon visit.

The hardest part of that? Gabe must have used up all his goodness for the week yesterday in the waiting room, because today he was being as naughty as a little toddler can be! Babies are not the most welcome of visitors in the hospital anyway, so I felt really bad that he was choosing today to show off just how bad he could be. Part of what makes it so frustrating is that I need to be there to pick up Tim, but Gabe is only tolerated, and he goes where I go. Anyway, I’ll be glad when this is all over!

Anyway, after every consolation attempt I could think of to keep Gabe quiet, and a brief nap interrupted by a nurse who didn’t have volume control (or common sense – she kept trying to get Gabe to look at her WHEN HE WAS SLEEPING!) I had to head home. I feel bad that Tim is in the hospital by himself, but I figure a bit of time at home with his own toys and bed might adjust Gabe’s attitude, or at least refresh my patience!

So. Tim is still in the hospital, and I’m here with Gabe. I’m hoping Tim is well enough to come home this afternoon!

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