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Too Busy To Update

November 5, 2007

Late Friday afternoon/evening Tim was finally released from the hospital. I’m not saying that his doctor definitely forgot about us, but when it was 4:00pm and I checked in with the nurses station to see when the doctor would finally be making his afternoon rounds, they were very surprised. You see, that doctor’s name was crossed off their list because he was done for the day. A call to his office revealed that he was finishing up his office hours. A half hour after that Tim was released and heading home. So, I’m gonna say it was suspiciously like we had been forgotten….

I was feeling REALLY overwhelmed Friday evening through the weekend. Tim had two stages: miserably in pain, or drugged out of his mind. That pain meant that it was hard to move at all, and little things like sitting up or going to the bathroom required my assistance. It felt like every minute or two I was racing to get an ice pack and a towel to wrap it in, or another bottle of water for Tim to wash down pills with.

I was absolutely thrilled to help Tim out, because it meant that I was helping him feel better. Unfortunately, all the time spent in waiting rooms and hospital hallways and the absence of anything resembling a normal routine turned Gabe into a little monster. If he wasn’t somehow touching me he was crying. If Daddy had a water bottle and it wasn’t handed over to Gabe on sight, he was throwing a temper tantrum. He threw his toys across all the baby gates (the areas that needed to be kept clear should Tim walk past) and finger-painted with his milk on the kitchen floor. I want to make sure Gabe isn’t a grossly spoiled child, but I had a hard time punishing him this weekend,… his acting up seemed reasonable after all the stress of the week!

Probably the worst thing against me was the back injury I got while at the hospital. See, carting around the diaper bag, backpack and baby all by myself most of the day really did something to me. I could barely turn my neck all weekend, and I kept eying up Tim’s painkillers with a bit of envy. I didn’t take anything because I wanted to be ready to take Tim in for emergency care if he needed it, and it turned out he did!

Yesterday afternoon Tim took the bandages off so he could shower, and he noticed that under one steri-strip there was some serious red and oozy action going on. We took him to Acute Care where they prescribed him antibiotics for an infection, cleaned and rebandaged that incision area, and sent us on our way. We’re keeping a close eye on things, but so far Tim looks pretty good!

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  1. November 8, 2007 6:44 am

    poor things. I hope his wound heals soon, and your back straightens out. you’ve definitely got your hands full, girl! maybe when this is finished, you can take a day and relax?


  1. Too Busy To Update

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