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Third Time’s The Charm

November 7, 2007

When Tim and I brought Gabe home from the hospital, we were concerned about how the cats would react to him. It turned out that concern was reasonable, since none of the hairballs seemed to warm to a newborn,… in fact, they seemed to think he had usurped their place as the pampered rulers of the house! Faced with the choice of kid or cats, we obviously chose the kid, and found a home for the cats.

Through a strange set of circumstances, one of the cats, Baxter, found his way back to us six months later. Somehow that seemed like a sign that we should try again, so we did. Baxter and Gabe were still at odds, but this time Gabe was better equipped to protect himself, and I could much easier keep my eye on just one cat. I wasn’t outnumbered this time. Baxter would hiss at Gabe if his whiskers or tail was pulled, but he seemed to avoid Gabe for the most part.

Last week Thursday Baxter’s second chance ran out, right after he bit Gabe. It was clear that either the cat or the kid had to go (again) and (again) I chose the kid over the cat;o)

Tim’s parents drove down today to take Baxter home with them. Since they’ve both retired, and since Baxter will be the only youngling there, this is a much better situation for him. And you know what? After biting my baby, I didn’t feel sorry to see him go in the slightest!

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  1. November 8, 2007 6:53 am

    good day! poor gabe. so often, kitties and babies don’t mix, but it’s still hard to say goodbye-except in your situation. good thing tim’s parents are giving baxter a new home, much better than the last place. so far, all of our cats just avoid emma…


  1. Third Time’s The Charm

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