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I Need A Vacation.

November 9, 2007

Yesterday Tim had his post-surgery appointment with the doctor, who was concerned that Tim isn’t completely recovered yet. Tim’s gallbladder was seriously inflamed, and there was a bit more trauma than expected in removing it, so Tim is under doctor’s orders to stay home for another week. We also had to wait for an ultrasound to be taken of Tim’s legs, since his feet have been swollen and they wanted to make sure he didn’t have a rogue blood clot.

So, Tim is getting better, but he’s not there yet!

Gabe is still teething (I’m pretty sure his molars are coming in) so it’s been a bit stressful around here. I’m trying to keep up on everything. Today I cleaned the bathroom so that Gabe can spend more time in there when we use it, since that’s a good way to get him used to the concept of potty training. Oh, and we hung some garland and lights, just to cheer the place up a bit! With that and the windows covered with holiday clings, it’s starting to look downright festive around here!

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