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It’s (NOT YET) Independence Day!

November 30, 2007

It’s probably not a secret that Tim and I spoil Gabe (and if it is a secret, then “oops”). Somehow that little boy managed to wrap us around his littlest finger from the moment we first met him, and he’s only solidified his grip on our hearts since then. And trust me when I say we wouldn’t have it any other way!

When Gabe was first born I had post-partum depression and a not entirely completely rational outlook on life for a few weeks. It wasn’t that I was in danger of hurting Gabe or myself, but rather that I felt I couldn’t let him out of my sight, even for a moment. That made going to the bathroom a challenge, and it’s a good thing the bassinet had wheels on it! Sleeping was a bit of a problem too. All the advice from more seasoned mothers involved sleeping whenever I could steal a moment of quiet, but I just couldn’t figure out how to keep my eyes on Gabe to make sure he was still breathing AND sleep at the same time.

I’d say for the first month Gabe and I slept in the recliner, since if I could feel him in my arms I was more likely to close my eyes, and I didn’t want to risk bringing him in bed with me lest I accidentally hurt him. This close contact right from the start seems to have cemented Gabe’s cuddlebug nature. I’ve joked to Tim that Gabe doesn’t need a favorite toy or blanket as a lovey, since he has me, but I’m not entirely sure it was a joke.

So it’s kind of a big change for me to adapt to when I tell you that Gabe showed a decidedly independent streak tonight. We were doing some shopping this evening, and Gabe wanted to walk instead of being carried (notice he was being carried, not in the cart. Did I mention spoiled?). It wasn’t more than a few steps into his walk when he decided that he was a Big Boy and did not need to hold Mama’s hand. Such a little thing, but oh such a big deal for the Mama left behind!

(You know, those tiny little newborn outfits in the baby section were looking pretty cute…)

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