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Getting the Hang of Coloring

December 3, 2007

Getting the Hang of It
Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

This morning Gabe colored his first picture:o) For a while now he’s been turning the pages on books instead of accidentally ripping them, so we tried out a coloring book. I got Gabe crayons that are encased in plastic so they don’t break easily, and he had a blast. I think more crayon went on the high chair tray than on the paper, but it was so much fun watching him play.

Tim and I spent the weekend watching House and playing Diablo II together. I wasn’t feeling very good, so a quiet weekend at home was nice. We did run out Friday night and pick up groceries and stuff for the weekend, and we set up the wireless router so we could play with our new laptop. Tim and I are both really excited at being wireless, and can totally relate to Pinocchio!

We had planned to go to Tim’s company Christmas party on Saturday night, and even had a sitter lined up, but the snow and ice storm changed our minds. I find that a bit amusing, since we’ve never once managed to go to their Christmas party, and Tim’s been at the company ever since graduating college. One year we went to his cousin’s wedding instead, then the next year we were getting married ourselves,… last year Gabe was so little and we didn’t want to hand him over to a babysitter overnight, and this year we were snowed in. I wonder what next year’s conflict will be.

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