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Warm Fuzzy Holiday Moment

December 18, 2007

I predicted that yesterday there would be pictures of cookies posted here, and I was almost right. Tim, Shaun, Gabe and I spent the weekend making well over a thousand holiday cookies, and that number doesn’t include all the cookies we had to test to make sure the recipe was as good as we remembered. It also doesn’t include all the cookies Gabe swiped any time we accidentally let the cookies get too close to the edge of the table – Gabe may not have a sweet-tooth, but he is definitely a cookie monster!  I have pictures of all these cookies, and all the decorated sugar cookies, but I don’t have those pictures transfered from my camera to this computer. When Gabe is napping I can do that, since he isn’t around to yank on the cord connecting the two!

Christmas plans are going well for us, and I hope they’re going well for you too:o) I had thought I was all done with my shopping, and then my siblings changed that plan up a bit. This year we’re all planning on cutting back a bit since expenses have increased rather more than expected (did you see how much milk and eggs are lately?!?) and so we decided to do a name-exchange in my family. Tim and I had my brothers Tom and John, and on Black Friday we were able to get them exactly what they wanted for door buster prices (I love me a good bargain!). However, while I may have followed the rules, none of my other siblings could help themselves, so everybody is now getting everybody else something. I feel very warm and Christmas-y inside when I think about my siblings,… we have our ups and downs, but they are beautiful people, inside and out.

Now I just have to find something perfect for my littlest brother, which is even MORE challenging than finding the perfect doorbuster!

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