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We Wish You A Merry Christmahannakwanzacles*

December 28, 2007

It kind of confuses me when people ask about “the meaning of Christmas.” I mean, doesn’t everybody know that Christmas is about finding the best sales so you can give EVEN MORE Christmas? This year that slogan – along with the constant refrain from financial sources claiming that shoppers were spending less so Christmas was in jeopardy – made me laugh a bit. Since when did Christmas depend on the profits of major retailers? I guess the loss of a multi-million-dollar bonus some CEO is facing might be personally upsetting for that CEO, but it didn’t ruin MY Christmas!

Despite that lack of profit, our little family did manage to have a very wonderful holiday. Since the weather up here in Wisconsin (or down here if you’re reading this from Canada) was rather scary – I think we had two or three different bad weather warnings at the same time – we drove up to visit family on Friday night. It was the lesser of two evils, since the heavy fog of Friday was supposed to give way to ice and snow on Saturday. We were snowed in at Tim’s parents an extra day, but we still packed a visit to Tim’s grandpa and Uncle Todd, my grandparents, both families, and our friends Jess and Jackie into our trip and wished we could have visited more people!

Tim and I had decided to come back home a bit early so that we could have Christmas morning at our own little place, and it was SO nice. As a childless couple we spent the holidays racing around to be everywhere we were expected to be, and it was a nice change this year to spend the holiday assembling ambiguous and confusing plastic pieces into toys, just like normal parents do.

One thing that did amuse me: I had ruthlessly cleaned out Gabe’s toys before we left, since my sister LeeAnn works at a daycare that could really use and appreciate them, and it was a good thing! Gabe was very blessed with presents – I think he has more toys now than he did before I cleaned everything out!

*I absolutely believe in respecting other people’s differences, cultures and beliefs. I also believe in poking fun at silly things.

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