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Life is Happy:o)

January 14, 2008

I’m listening to Oscar the Grouch singing on TV, since Gabe has decided that not only does he LOVE Sesame Street, but he loves it ALL! DAY! LONG! It’s pretty cute seeing him bend his knees and wiggle his butt to the beat of the music, and he’s really good at keeping the beat! I’m terrible at that (I always end up clapping on the off-beat), so I know to admire it when I see it. Tim laughed at me yesterday when he walked in on Gabe and I dancing together: apparently those chicken dance moves are much cuter when you’re wearing a diaper.

Tim and I have been enjoying spending time at home more. The reasons for that include being in the middle of cold/flu season, and also that it’s just not as much fun to go outside when the temperature is lower than my age. This past weekend we watched the first seasons of Psych and How I Met Your Mother, since it just felt so good to laugh and cuddle and enjoy relaxing. We had thought about getting Dexter instead, but funny won out over serial murdering heroes.

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