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Playing with Paint

February 4, 2008

Beach Scene
Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I took an oil painting class. I have no idea what happened to my painting from that class (I suspect that my dad burned it with all my books one year) but I’ve always had a fondness for paint since then. So, for Christmas this year, I asked for the basic stuff I’d need to paint again.

I really enjoyed painting with oil paints. It was fun to goof around with the medium and experiment with the shininess of the paint, plus I felt very artist-like when I’d have to scrub my hands with turpentine. But, since it’s been years and I’m not sure I even remember all the stuff involved with oil, I switched to acrylics this time. I miss the shiny effects, but the ability to thin paint with water more than made up for it!

Anyway, this beach scene is my first attempt at anything in years. It was fun to do, and I’m planning on giving it to my brother as a birthday present. I just wanted to post it here and feel accomplished for a little bit first:o)

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