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Welcome to the Family

February 12, 2008

Very recently, my Mom called me to announce that she is officially engaged to be married. She and Jim are planning a wedding for this August. While I have yet to get back to the Fox Valley area to give her the congratulatory hug (and admire her ring) I have been busy with wedding plans regardless – I’m going to bet that it’s a good thing I live three hours away and can’t be over there constantly with swatches of fabric and invitation samples!

When I think about Mom’s upcoming wedding, it reminds me of a conversation we had at one point during her divorce from my dad. It was a scary time for her, since she was making a healthy and necessary change in her life, but not an easy change. My Mom is a pretty special person, and I remember telling her that there was someone special out there, and she’d have another chance at love. Mom wasn’t nearly so sure – she was fully expecting to live the rest of her live alone. I guess ending a negative and abusive marriage probably isn’t the time for romantic notions. Who’da thunk?

Not quite a year later Mom was telling me about the wonderful man she’d started dating. As her oldest daughter (not quite as intimidating a role as my Grandpa can claim, but I made the most of it anyway) I wanted to meet him for myself and decide if he was good enough for my Mom. The meeting went well, since it turned out that he’s a pretty special person too. Even now, as I get to know Jim better, I’m amazed at how wonderfully happy he makes Mom. It’s obvious that he’s the puzzle piece that was missing from Mom’s life – and they fit perfectly together. I’m so glad that Jim is now going to be an official part of our family, especially since he’s already so dear to our hearts.

The mischievous little girl in me is jumping up and down and yelling “I TOLD YOU SO”. The rational adult in me completely agrees with her:o)

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