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I’m Starting A New Blog Project

February 28, 2008

“I have often thought the best way to define a man’s character would be to seek out the particular mental or moral attitude in which, when it comes upon him, he felt himself more deeply and intensely active and alive. At such moments there is a voice inside which speaks and says: “This is the real me!”‘

William James

Yesterday I read that quote on a box of tea while waiting for my water to boil and teapot to whistle. Maybe I was just in an especially introspective mood, but that quote caught at my imagination, and still hasn’t let go. So, I’ve been thinking about what I get the most caught up in, or perhaps just the ideas that most fill me with a sense of purpose and passion.

Since I’ve always needed to write it out when I’m truly passionate about an idea, I’ve decided to blog my ideas. Plus, I really don’t want to write about teething or snow anymore. Ahem.

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