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Ready To Sleep In My Own Bed Again!

March 5, 2008

Last week Thursday, Gabe came down with a fever. Up until then, he’d been coughing a little bit, but I didn’t think anything of it since the air tends to be so dry in winter. With the onset of a fever however, it seemed like his cough was multiplied quite a bit, and I started to worry about pneumonia.  He also had a violent bout of vomiting and just wasn’t a happy bug.

The stethoscope I’d held to Gabe’s back didn’t pick up any crackling in the lungs, and Tim and I kept feeding Gabe popsicles, jello, chicken soup, vitamin water,… anything to keep him hydrated. We’d even resorted to taking turns sleeping with Gabe in the recliner, since he’d wake up choking and coughing and need cuddles to go back to sleep. Yesterday afternoon I finally took Gabe in to the doctor – something I’d been avoiding with the serious outbreak of flu this year.

When I told the doctor all the stuff I’d been doing to care for Gabe, he gave me a look I can’t quite interpret. Either he thought I was an amazing mother, or he thought I was just a bit batty… I just can’t decide. And, thankfully, he decided to wait before prescribing antibiotics or x-rays, since he wasn’t sure if Gabe was just getting over a bug, or if he was developing an infection.

Proving that my timing is truly terrible, Gabe woke up this morning and looks remarkably like his old self – just a touch of cough. At least our trip to the doctor gave me the comfort of knowing that Gabe didn’t have pneumonia.

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