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Wanted: A Sunny Day

April 10, 2008

Today was Gabe’s “first” rainy day where he was actually aware of the weather outside, and wishing he could go outside to play. I could tell he wanted to play because he kept handing me his jacket with a truly pleading look in his eyes, which kind of broke my heart. Granted, he didn’t get to go outside anyway, which goes to prove that the threat of a muddy mess outweighs puppy dog eyes:o)

Gabe’s still had a pretty good day. I got his bin of blocks out of storage and he proceeded to scatter them all over the living room – twice. He also sat at the table and colored a picture, with only minimal munching on crayons. We packed away a box of his books together (I packed, he unpacked) because he’s been too rough with some pages lately, and I carried him around in a laundry basket. Now he’s watching children’s programming on Iowa Public Television (I needed a break, can you tell?) and I’m seeing how long I get to spend here at the computer before he notices…

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