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Why is there Always an Audience?

April 16, 2008

With the combination of the warm sunshine outside, and the dryer running all morning, it had warmed up more than expected here in the house. Our atomic clock here by the computer says it’s 79.2 degrees, if that gives you an idea. Since I don’t want to turn the air conditioner on until there’s at least green grass outside, I decided to open the windows and let in the breeze to cool things down.

What you should know is that one wall of our kitchen is very nice floor to ceiling windows. I absolutely adore all the light that we get here, and it’s kind of fun to have the room we spend the most time in so open and friendly. But there is one very important feature about these windows – only the bottom half of each window has a screen. We have the table set against the two windows I usually open, so usually where the screen is located really doesn’t matter.

This time however, it really did matter. I had pulled the table out to get at the windows, and I was just opening the storm window on the second window when Gabe came racing over to see what I was doing. He put his hands up to the already open screen to stop himself, but instead of stopping, the screen popped out.

You know, when you see your toddler launching himself head first out of the kitchen window, time kind of stands still for a second. I’m pretty sure that my heart stopped while I saw nothing more than his feet disappearing. I raced outside as fast as I could (I wasn’t wearing shoes, but I didn’t notice a single thing about that run!) and picked Gabe up, and cuddled him until I started breathing again. He was just fine, whining rather than crying and looking distinctly like he wanted to do it again.

You know what is worse than having your toddler fall out of the window? It’s having your toddler fall out of the window while all of your neighbors are out and watching. Just saying.

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