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At Least I Can Still See, Right?

April 18, 2008

Yesterday Tim and I both went to the optometrist – he for new glasses (Gabe broke his old ones), and me because I’ve had blurry vision and some nasty headaches lately.

My doctor informed me that pregnancy often results in a vision transition for moms – sometimes for the better, but in my case, for the worse. Since my eyes were already on the “pretty bad” end of the spectrum, this was news I really did NOT want to hear. Scarily, because my eyes are so bad, I have a much higher chance of developing retinal damage than the average person, and there’s something about the thought of blindness or further vision loss that just doesn’t seem like much fun, so I didn’t like that news.

Not so serious (but still bad) news is that I can’t get colored contacts anymore. My natural greenish/brownish/grayish eyes are nice, and I like the color, but it was fun to play with violet or deep chocolate brown eyes. I’m feeling a bit sad over that, but I’m just happy that I can still get contacts. The eye doctor is hooking me up with contacts that are approved for 30-day continuous wear, which sounds like a little piece of perfection!

The last thing is that I’m getting new glasses, and we managed to find a frame that was approved by everyone except me, but that’s because I couldn’t see how it looked without wearing my glasses. Scarily, picking out frames gave me a little taste of what it would be like to be blind, which really wasn’t what I wanted to be reminded of at that moment. Oh well.

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