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It Feels Like A Saturday

May 9, 2008

I spent the early part of today in the dentist chair, getting my teeth cleaned and getting advised to spend lots and lots of money – and would I like to get financing through their office? Since there’s only so much I can say with my mouth wide open (“ahhh” and “uhhh” being about it) the hygienist was chatting on and on in a decidedly one-way conversation about how I really shouldn’t worry about dealing with insurance limitations or stuff like that, I should just do it all and take out a loan if necessary (cause stay-at-home moms make so much!)

Now, I felt a bit weird to hear that. Since I went to college as an independent student, I wasn’t on my parent’s insurance. Not having insurance meant that I did my very best to not get sick (which, come to think about it, sounds like John McCain’s health plan). Not having insurance also meant that I didn’t go to the dentist, since I was pretty sure they’d want me to pay for dental care with more than a healthy smile!

I had thought I was being a responsible person, you know, NOT spending money I didn’t have. Huh.

After leaving the dentist (the toothache that I went in for will be fixed at my next appointment, a speedy month and a half away) I decided to check out a few of the local rummage sales to see if I could find Gabe some bigger clothes for summer/fall. Not only did I have luck finding him all sorts of great clothes, but I got him some pretty nice toys. He got a wooden wagon that’s filled with alphabet blocks, a Melissa and Doug latches puzzle, several books, and a really cool coat that has an alligator head for the hood and a tail that swings off the back. It looks like a costume, but it’s thick and warm – perfect for cold Wisconsin Halloween festivities!

I also found The Cat Who… cookbook, and a nice collection of rubber stamps. I would rather have found an alligator coat for myself too (it’s seriously THAT awesome) but I’m pretty happy with what I got.

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