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If Only Every Day Was Mother’s Day

May 12, 2008

My husband and I observed this fact this past weekend: Yes, Sunday may have been Mother’s Day, but unfortunately this year it was superseded by Gabe’s Day. This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise, since every day of the year is Gabe’s Day. My Mother’s Day was a wonderful day filled with building block towers for Gabe to knock down, snacking on apple wedges and celery sticks, and reading his “I Love You Because You’re You” book more times than I have fingers to count.

It was my best Mother’s Day ever!

Actually, Tim gave me the very best Mother’s Day present ever, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. First, he sent me back to bed to sleep in while he watched Gabe. It was wonderful stretching out over the whole bed while I dreamed something happy. Then, when I finally got up for the day, I walked out to discover that he and Gabe had completely cleaned my kitchen for me! I still can’t believe he got all that done while watching Gabe, since it had been pretty disastrous (I was sick last week, and you won’t believe how the dishes pile up when I’m too busy sneezing to keep at them.)

After admiring how clean the kitchen looked (positive reinforcement) Tim and I cooked breakfast together – fresh strawberries, eggs and beef bacon. I’d never even heard of beef bacon, but it was at our local butcher so we tried it. By the way, beef bacon is kind of like jerky for breakfast. It tasted good but was too tough to enjoy. The rest of the day involved playing with Gabe and trying to unlock things on MarioKart.

Tim spoiled me for supper too – he cooked one of my favorite foods, spaghetti. He made it differently than I’ve ever had it, with hamburger sauteed with lots of minced garlic rather than our usual onion, and an extra smattering of oregano. It was so yummy that I’m going to try to make it that exact way next time too!

Did I mention that it was my best Mother’s Day ever?

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