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The Consequence of Procrastination

May 18, 2008

The knots in my back is telling me that tonight is going to be an Advil night. Since Tim and I managed to pretty much knock out most of our entire spring “to-do” list in one short weekend, I’m pretty sure I deserve those pretty pretty pills too! We got our porch mostly turned into a play area for Gabe (we just need to figure how to gate the entrance) and a sandbox and water table set up for him to play in. We still have to set up his old-fashioned metal Radio Flyer wagon, but that’s going to wait until after supper. I cleaned out all the toys that Gabe’s outgrown, and organized all the toys we decided to keep into clear plastic totes that rest in a giant wheeled tote that we decided made a better toybox than a wooden chest. Also, we totally cleaned out a room so that Shaun could move in, AND we helped him move in! On top of all that, we cleaned out some pretty scary windows, repaired a few screens, and finally got ready for summer weather.

My goal for this next week is to get all the laundry done (and more importantly, actually folded and put away) and clean out all the clothes that Gabe has outgrown. Somehow between last week and this one, he’s grown into a completely new size of clothes. I’d be worried about whether he has enough to wear or not, but since he takes off anything that isn’t snapped in places he can’t reach, it really isn’t a problem. A diaper and sandals are completely summer appropriate for toddlers, right?

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