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Happiness is a Husband with a Grill

May 21, 2008

Last year I got Tim a Father’s Day gift that, frankly, is a bit hard to top. I got him a sound system for the living room. Since Tim loves movies the way I love books, and especially since he loves epic movies with awesome soundtracks, this was a pretty big deal. I personally love the bass, since there’s nothing like grooving to that tummy rumble, but Tim likes everything to be well-balanced.

This year I decided to go a bit more traditional, and get Tim a grill. For the past few years we’ve been using a grill that Tim’s dad gave to us, but after a bit of an accident with a nest of mice, it’s no longer usable. So far this year Tim’s used a tiny camping propane grill, which gets the job done (eventually) but isn’t much fun to work with. I definitely saw a new grill in his future.

Then, this past weekend we went shopping and found a really nice charcoal grill on sale at Menards, so Tim and I decided that Father’s Day could come early this year. And so far it’s been totally worth it – we’ve had grilled hamburgers, grilled chicken, grilled chicken sausage with smoked mozzarella, and best of all, grilled tenderloin. I’ve enjoyed not having to do more than steam veggies or slice onions at suppertime! You know, now that I think about it, I think buying Dad a grill should really count as a Mother’s Day present!

Tonight I’m going to give Tim a bit of a treat, and cook supper for him (spaghetti). I’m pretty sure he’s looking forward to not having to cook. :o)

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