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Tent + Thunderstorms = Soggy Fun

June 10, 2008
 This past weekend Tim, Gabe and I packed up most everything we own, and headed out for a weekend of camping at Governor Dodge State Park. The weather forecast was dauntingly filled with storms, but we were determined to bravely soldier through (and, more importantly, we’d already paid for the reservation). Since Bob and Gloria (Tim’s parents) drove down with their camper to spend the weekend toasting marshmallows with us, we ESPECIALLY didn’t want to cancel.

Friday was a really fun day. Bob and Gloria spent the day with Gabe and me here at our house while we waited for Tim to get home from work. I enjoyed the chance to paint while they distracted Gabe, and he enjoyed getting 100% of Grandma and Grandpa’s attention.

Saturday was fun too – especially the part where we sat, warm and dry, in Bob and Gloria’s camper and watched the weather reports coming in from Madison. We cooked supper over the campfire during a break in the rain, and visited until it was bedtime.

That night’s entertainment was a series of thunderstorms, which was a really interesting if ineffective lullaby. Gabe slept through it all, but I don’t think I even dozed until the wee hours of the morning. Also, Tim discovered that our tent was *mostly* waterproof when his pillow started soaking up rain water that was trickling in from a tent seam, which lead me to notice that my quilt was taking on water too. Good times.

It sure was good to get home on Sunday, if for no other reason than to dry off. We enjoyed camping, but we’re really hoping that next time we go the weather is a bit more friendly. Even with all the rain, it was sad to leave the park, since it meant the end of our visit with Bob and Gloria:o( We’re kind of hoping that they can go camping again with us again too!

(I’m in the process of uploading a gazillion pictures to Flickr, both of the camping trip and of a storm that came through a week earlier. I could see a “finger” coming down from the clouds, but it never came close to touching ground, and it doesn’t show up very well in the pictures. Still, interesting photos.)

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