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Father’s Day Recap

June 23, 2008

Last weekend Tim and I decided to celebrate Father’s Day by heading up to Madison and taking Gabe to Toys R Us and the zoo. We bought Gabe his very own set of toddler-sized hot pads because he loves mine so very much, and we picked up a DVD of the Very Hungry Caterpillar story. We also brought Gabe to the zoo, and fully anticipated that he’d ooh and ahh over the monkeys and lemurs, polar bears and lions, but he treated them as just a part of the scenery. We thought he’d enjoy the goats at the petting zoo, but they scared him. The entire trip would have been much less fun if we didn’t decide to show Gabe giraffes.

I don’t what it is about the long-necked beauties, but Gabe just fell in love with them at first sight. There was a cute and gawky baby giraffe that was just as entranced by the people coming to visit him, and two adults that were trying to get leaves that were just out of reach. Gabe sat in his daddy’s arms and laughed and giggled and pointed and jabbered away. His reaction made it a perfect afternoon.

The three of then headed to Outback Steakhouse to go out to dinner with our friends Bianca and Orin. It was SO MUCH FUN getting together with another couple, and we could have sat and chatted over prime rib and racks of lamb all evening if not for a super-duper grumpy toddler. Actually Tim and I were really impressed that Gabe lasted as long as he did!

The only downside to the day was that something Tim ate (and only Tim, cause Gabe and I didn’t have a problem) disagreed with him, and he ended up with a slight tough of stomach flu. Apparently even the germs decided to treat Tim special for Father’s Day:o(

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