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To Each His Own

June 24, 2008

Because our old bed was really worn out and not nearly as comfortable as we’d have liked, Tim and I went to Slumberland a few weeks ago and ordered a bed. Because we have a bedhog for a toddler, we ordered a bigger bed – we wanted to sleep without clinging to the very edge of the bed. And we’d been counting the minutes until our bed arrived, especially since that was better than counting sheep!

The downside is that Slumberland is in Dubuque, and we’re in Platteville, so we would have had to wait another few weeks for them to deliver it down here, and between clinging and counting, we just couldn’t let that happen. Tim wired the minivan, we rented a UHaul, and had a great adventure trying to turn it around in the circle we live in:o)

After picking up the mattress, we remembered that we needed new sheets in the new size, so we went shopping. With a UHaul. In Dubuque. I kind of had a little TOO much fun, since I bought curtains for the kitchen, living room and bedroom, plus a new bathroom theme (bugs!). The whole way home Tim teased me by complaining that his wallet hurt, but I don’t feel all that bad cause he helped pick out everything with me!

On a quick side note, we stopped off at Perkins, where we had a really great lunch and I completely fell in love with our server. She has a little boy too, and we had some of the same complications in our pregnancies, and it just seemed like we could relate about everything! I ended up asking her out on a playdate, and we traded numbers and email addresses. Now, though, I’m wondering what proper playdate etiquette is – should I wait three days before calling? (Ha!)

Anyway, after setting up our new bed, throwing away the old one, hanging curtains and all the subsequent putzy details that go with that – okay, I redecorated the whole bedroom, but anyway – we were exhausted. Gabe hated all the changes, especially the part where our bed is moved farther away from his, and he can’t just crawl over to me whenever he wants. I love the changes, especially the part where Gabe slept in his own bed for the WHOLE NIGHT last night! If I’d known getting a new bed was going to do that, I’d have done it a year ago!!!

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  1. Timmy permalink
    June 24, 2008 9:17 am

    It was a fun and great adventure. 🙂

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