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Adventures in Potty Training

February 3, 2009

I’m not entirely sure that I’m willing to commit to blogging again, but today is the first day in a very long time that I thought “I should blog about that!” and then didn’t immediately change my mind.

Today Gabe made me stay in the bathroom with him while he sat on the potty seat, and he enjoyed “wiping” the seat of his jammies with toilet paper and then watching it swirl and disappear (waving bye-bye) when he flushed it down. It’s really nice to see this interest in potty training, because every time I brought up the concept before, Gabe had NO interest in anything but the hand-washing with extra suds and splashing part.

Thinking about potty-training approaches, I remember one lady at the church we went to as kids was rather insane about potty training and stuff like that. She was bragging to all the other ladies about how her child was potty-trained before their first birthday, and not-so-tactfully asking them how they were coming along with their toddlers. Sure, it would be nice to have had the past year off from diaper changing adventures, but I don’t ever want to put that kind of pressure on Gabe.

Besides, I’m enjoying NOT having to scope out the nearest bathroom every time we leave the house, and I’m really enjoying NOT hearing “Mama! I’ve got to go potty! NOW!” at regular intervals. I’m especially enjoying NOT hearing the little “uh oh” and “oops” that so often follows during the race to the closest bathroom.

On the other hand, I’m smelling some bad news, and need to go find the wipes…

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  1. February 9, 2009 5:57 am

    potty training is so overrated! I’m glad you’re taking the relaxed approach and letting Gabe dictate the timing. it’s always bugged me when people use their child’s milestones as competition (although I have to admit to doing it myself when I was younger and less mature—not that I’m all that mature now) I think we’re headed that direction with little miss emma this springish. her mama said we’d work on potty training, which translates to “I’m tired of changing diapers, so we’re gonna get rid of them”…

    on another note, it’s good to see you posting. I know what you mean about the commitment. I haven’t had the love of blogging lately that I used to have. but, I reckon it’ll cycle back around. stay warm 😀

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