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My Blog Gets a Facelift (and so does my attitude)

March 30, 2009

Now that my kitchen is clean (except for a few cobwebs) and organized, the clean laundry is put away (except for socks, but who counts them?) and Gabe’s toys are organized and freshly picked up (last night) I thought it was time to start a new “cleaning” project. So I redecorated the blog here, deleting old links and creating a new, Easter-themed header.  Playing with flowers and Easter eggs just seems like so much more fun than cleaning the windows, especially since it’s only 39 degrees out at the moment.

Every time I see a robin, a puddle of mud, or a asian beetle, I’ve got a little tingle of excitement over the fact that spring really is here. This winter was so full of loss, with a miscarriage just before Christmas and the unexpected death of my dad in early January, and it felt as if my life was on pause while waiting for signs of new life outside. And now that it’s looking (and feeling) more upbeat around here, I’m really getting into the spring mood.

This spring, Gabe and I will be outside, playing with the dirt and growing our very own flower garden. I’ve got all sorts of ideas, and all of them involve gloriously dirty fingernails and obnoxiously bright flowers. Gabe’s been begging to go outside every minute he isn’t sleeping or eating – his first stop after getting dressed in the morning is to swing on the doorknob while yelling at the top of his lungs,… just a gentle reminder that he wants to go outside. I expect that this summer I’ll be outside more than I have since I was a little kid, and this way I’ll be able to putter around with flowers while he’s eating bugs and chasing kitties. We can’t wait!

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