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My Photographer-in-Training

March 31, 2009

See My Tummy!
Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

Last Christmas Tim and I had planned on getting Gabe a digital camera of his very own, since there are a few models that are designed for little hands and rough treatment. But, when the holidays actually came around, Gabe wasn’t interested in anything that wasn’t Thomas the Train, so we ended up getting him enough wooden track to fill a tote instead (and if you’ve ever bought anything Thomas, you know that Santa was VERY generous this year. Lucky kid).

Gabe is still a Thomas fan, but he’s now showing far more interest in my photography than he used to. Now, when I get the camera out, I’m lucky to get a handful of shots off before he’s demanding to be the one behind the camera instead of in front of it. And there’s nothing quite like the thrill of realizing your fearless toddler is playing with a camera that cost more than your wedding ring to give you an adrenaline rush in the morning!

Gabe’s also starting to dictate the kind of pictures he’d like to have taken. I may want a picture of him sitting on the couch with his feet sticking out, but he wants a picture of himself lying on the floor showing off his tummy. (See example). Yesterday he was walking around with his potty seat on his head, like a crown (giving a new dimension of reality to the idea of the toilet as a throne) and prancing around the bathroom, but as soon as the camera came out he decided that wasn’t the kind of image he wanted memorialized. Either that or he was just being a butthead. Smart kid.

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