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Baby Thoughts

July 19, 2009

When I first started this blog, I was pregnant with Gabe, and I kept it up pretty well during the first couple of months of his babyhood. Then, he got mobile, and I discovered that sitting and writing for any length of time was one of those luxuries that moms sigh over when they think of all the stuff they miss out on. I’ve got writing on that list, right next to seeing movies at the theater, and rather lower than going to the bathroom without a little helper begging for a bit of toilet paper.

Now that I’m well into my second pregnancy, I’ve realized that I should start putting a bit more effort into keeping track of things like I did with Gabe. This pregnancy already feels so different – with Gabe it felt like my every waking and sleeping thought was on the family we were gonna be, and now most of my thoughts are busy with whether Gabe will eat anything besides hot dogs today, or if the towels I forgot in the washer need to be rewashed before I stick them in the dryer.

There are two times of day when I really get to sit back and focus on the baby – in the morning when I’m trying to figure if my stomach’s going to successfully turn itself inside out, and at night, when I want nothing more than to sleep on my back and can’t. And occasionally times like now, when I get the chance to just stop and think about what this baby means to me.

Tim and I have been really blessed as parents, because Gabe’s a really special kid. He’s smart and stubborn, athletic and gentle, and the darn cutest kid ever. I’ve never once regretted the changes in my life that he brought about,.. I may not have my Master’s Degree in Psychology, but I’m a Mama, and that’s pretty special – no psychologist can kiss away owies as skillfully as I can 😀

I don’t want to fall into the expectation that this little one is going to be just like Gabe. I know better,.. Gabe has been his own little person since about three days after he was born, when he refused to sleep in the crib. I’m not even sure if I’m hoping for a little girl or little boy more,.. before Gabe was born I thought I wanted a little girl, but now I think little boys are special treasures, even when they bring especially wiggly bugs to Mama to show off. I just know that each day brings me closer to meeting the little person brewing in my tummy, and I’m getting more and more excited with every little flutter behind my belly button.

I love you already little one.

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