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Living in the Moment

August 10, 2009

I’ve heard over and over that kids grow up really fast. I know it’s true, too, because it feels like I’ve barely blinked in between the time that Gabe went from newborn to preschooler. My little boy now delights in solving Blue’s Clues, in throwing garbage in the trash all by himself, and in jumping on the bed while Mama admires each twist and hop. And he delights in kisses (he kissed Mama’s owie today) and in cuddles and in tickles.

Today, I cuddled Gabe while he settled down for a nap. He’s got this wonderful habit of using my shoulder as a pillow, and wrapping both my arms around him like a mama-cocoon. He’ll wiggle in as close as he can get, and whisper that he loves me,.. then he’ll fall asleep that way, or just lay there contentedly while I’m sleeping. And it’s so precious to me. I know that Gabe will someday be too big to wrap up so deeply in my arms, but he’ll always be my little cuddle bug with sweet-smelling hair, no matter how big he grows.

I try to glory in each moment, in each kiss, in each cuddle, and in each mess, because I feel like right now, my life is absolute perfection. Someday Gabe will have new things to show me, new feats for me to admire, but I can wait until then for that. Right now I’ve got a little boy who wants me to cuddle him, and I’m okay being right here, right now.

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