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Don’t Call the Pregnant Lady Hormonal. She Bites.

October 12, 2009

Well, maybe not bites, but there’s definitely tears. And a goodly dose of gnashing of teeth.

Actually, I’m always hesitant to use anything like hormonal to describe myself. Frankly, I find it insulting when some idiot suggests that women in general, and me in particular, are somehow lacking in logic or the ability to reason because of our hormones. It would be as short-sighted and limited an argument as if I were to point out that testosterone is also a hormone, and high amounts of testosterone can induce dangerous and life-threatening behavioral changes. Seriously, how did women get the stereotype as mentally unstable due to chemistry? Glass houses, people.

But anyway, enough soapboxing.

My family is completely wonderful and supportive, but we’re also very opinionated people, and we love the chance to share our opinions with each other. There’s definitely some of the “nobody gets to call my brother an idiot but me!” thing going on. And I love it. When I talk to any of my siblings, I know they’re going to always have my back… but they’re going to tell me the truth as they see it too. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.

So when, in the course of a conversation, my sister starts agreeing with everything I’m saying and using her it’s-gonna-be-okay voice… well, I have to acknowledge that just maybe I’m a bit more emotional than is normal for me. Just maybe, pregnancy hormones haven’t passed me by, no matter how much I will them out of my brain.

Between the special migraines I get during pregnancy, the brain-fog-inducing hydrocodone I take to allow me to function despite those migraines, the midnight trips to the bathroom to empty my bladder because the baby’s using it as a pillow/trampoline, and the constant poking and prodding by different doctors,.. I’m starting to look forward to getting cut open and the weeks of recovery from surgery! Even more than that though, I’m looking forward to the moment my sister calls me an idiot again, because then I’ll know everything’s back the way it should be 🙂

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