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Today’s 10 Random Thoughts

December 2, 2009

1. I’m pretty sure Starbucks adds heroin to their holiday lattes. I can’t seem to get enough caramel brulee yumminess lately!

2. Reheating a latte in the microwave is dangerous, because it’s MUCH hotter than you’d expect. Mah tongue ith thore…

3. I find it kind of funny that Tim picked out nail polish for me today that was named “Camouflage”. I wanted something Christmas green-ish, so it worked out perfectly for both of us. What are the odds I’m gonna end up with something in “Blaze Orange” next week 🙂

4. I never knew you could get varicose veins in places other than your legs. My world would be a better place if I still didn’t know that…

5. I find it highly amusing that Gabe insists I turn off country music when I try to play it, but loves dance music with a heavy beat. I’m not so amused when he loudly disagrees with my jazz though.

6. Tim and I still haven’t completely agreed on our little girl’s middle name. I’m afraid that she’s going to end up with something totally wacky cause they’ll ask me for her name when I’m just out of surgery and high as a kite.

7. High as a kite really doesn’t work as a metaphor for me… I generally fail at flying kites, and they end up nose-deep in the dirt. I think I’m too afraid of imitating Ben Franklin to really let loose and enjoy myself.

8. I’m very punk at heart. If I was a braver person, I’d cut my hair, dye it blonde, and chunk bright pink through it. Or maybe go goth black with a bunch of bright red streaks.

9. I love outlandish and dramatic displays of weirdness. Sometimes it’s refreshing to realize there are other freaks out there… and sometimes it really is just funny to watch the reactions. If anybody ever asks me who I’m wearing, I truly hope I can say “Kermit”.

10. I think that the point of life is balance. Extreme anything is kind of scary. Photography is all about capturing the beauty of light, shown through the balance of shadows. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Love is something we celebrate because we know apathy. If evil didn’t exist, could anything be good?

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